Friday Love.

We made it! Happy Friday, friends! 

Isn’t it interesting how being “busy” is so relative. Back in the good ole college days when I was so overwhelmed with the amount of schoolwork on my plate I somehow still had much more time to read blogs. It must have been all that studying and homework procrastination. There were quite a few blogs that if I missed a day of checking in I felt lost! These days my “busy” has changed and I cherish the times I get to sit down to catch up with all my favorite bloggers.

Although time is sparse my life is not without favoriting, pinning, liking and retweeting. Here are some of my favorite posts from this past week: 

  • I love “Extreme Weight Loss” and I really like what the Powell’s are doing. This post by Heidi about teens (but really can be helpful for all of us) and body image is a good one. 
  • These Quinoa Beet Veggie Burgers.


 Some quality posts that deserve sharing in spite of my “busy.” 

Healthy Regards,


I actually really hate the word “busy” because it is so relative, how do you feel about the word?

Any good posts you suggest I catch up on this weekend?


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