Some weeks I power right on through, this week by Thursday afternoon I was dragging a bit so I am very much looking forward to this weekend. 

Let start it out with some fun things I was pinning, favoriting and liking this week.

First: 06a2347e3d97070e46bd3b98015215ff How can you not love this?! Its so perfect and reminds me that running IS fun. That movement is play! 

Second:  5 things healthy people do before work. How many of these do you do? I am proud to say I do 3/4!

Third: This rowing workout courtesy of Lindsay. I was rowing a little bit when I wasn’t running and I love this combo of row/strength. So fun! 3838665ba652e64b67ab00fdf94565f6

Fourth: I think I will be making this for Easter. It is the perfect, simple and incorporates yummy spring veggies! asparagusfrittatatext

Fifth: How delicious do these snack bars from Sarah look?! Plus easy ingredients = win! cocoa-coconut-snack-bars-1

Thats all I got for you today folks. 

I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Healthy Regards,


Questions of the day:

Weekend plans?

Are you cooking for Easter? What are you making?

Do you feel like that cute little kid when you run? Is running fun for you?

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