Olympic Training Center Recap

Well hello! I know I have been M.I.A for the past month or so but wanted to check in with a recap I wrote from my experience at the Olympic Training Center. Enjoy!

As I type this I am on my way home from a surreal 10 days. A week and a half that tested me, had me in tears more than once, pushed my physical and mental limits, humbled me and gave me a deeper love, respect and hunger for cycling. In 10 days I formed lasting friendships, tried new things, gained confidence on the bike and left feeling high on the thin air of Colorado Springs.

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At the beginning of May I received an invitation from USA Cycling  to attend a development camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Specifically, the camp was for track team pursuit. Considering I am a relative newbie to the bike scene and have never even been to a velodrome I wasn’t convinced that this was the camp for me. I was reassured however that I did not need any track experience and that the worse thing that could happen would be to find out I hate the track. I was dazzled by the idea of training at the OTC and honestly, I would take any opportunity to jet away from real life and ride my bike for 10 days so I booked my flight and was off to the Springs on May 30 for 11 days.


To my surprise there was only 5 camp attendees. All 4 had much more impressive cycling resumes than myself.  I was also the only one that had never been on the track before. While I felt honored to be invited I was also feeling a bit intimidated by these stronger, more experienced riders. I knew all I could do was my best so I committed to giving every effort, ride and exercise 100%.

We were warned before we arrived that this camp was designed to see who was “willing to suffer” and Andy Sparks, the Director of Track for USA Cycling, referred to it as the “Champions filter”.  One workout in, I realized this was no joke.11407121_856634964425337_3695359915991536610_n

Most days started with a 6am bootcamp. Boot camp consisted of too many burpees to count, sled pushes, push ups, sprints and plank offs, all  while 3 coaches yelled at us and challenged us to give up. The goal was to make us hurt, mentally and physically… a lot… and see who could endure it all.

We had just enough time between boot camp and our mid morning track workout to eat a hefty breakfast and ride over to the velodrome. Although intimidating at first, I came to love the pureness of the track. Workouts were tough as we were tested on our standing starts, half lap, 1k and 2k times as well as team pursuit efforts and exchanges.11350414_854223201291473_9037515593191337959_n

Learning team pursuit was my favorite part of camp. My biggest breakthrough was on the last day when I finally got team pursuit exchanges down and was able to finish every effort with the whole team intact. I really enjoyed the teamwork it takes to make team pursuit successful. There is something to be said for how much harder you can work when you know someone else is relying on you and the rewards are so much greater when you get to celebrate with three friends.photo 2

Afternoons called for either a recovery ride or an uphill time trial. Yep, twice in 4 days our 3rd workout of the day was a 3.2 mile TT with a 10% average grade. Although it only took about 20 minutes, the altitude, 12% grade section and tired legs put me deep into the pain cave for 19 of those 20 minutes. If nothing else, camp proved to me that even when my body feels like it has nothing left to give, I am capable of giving more.


I am not sure what is next for me and the track. What I know for sure is that I love riding my bike, I love the community it has given me, I love and am forever thankful that when I was at an all time low, the bike gave me something else to focus on. I love that in just 6 months the bike has given me years worth of opportunities and memories. Whether is it on the track, in the dirt, post swim or pre run I am open to wherever my wheels might take me.

Healthy Regards,


Coffee (or iced tea date) catch up sesh


How are you all doing? I have had a busy couple weeks and unfortunately one of the first things to get put to the side is blogging.

So lets just catch up over some caffeinated drinks shall we?photo

If we were having coffee I would tell you that my friend Nicole and I have been working hard on an exciting project! I can’t share all the details yet but it involves cycling, advocacy and empowering others. More news to come when I have more news to share. 

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am finally running pain-free. Knock on wood as I feel like I have said this multiple times in the past year only to get injured again. But I truly feel like I am putting together a good rehab, prehab and injury prevention program. I am really slow these days but the satisfaction from a run is the same as when I was speedy. 

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am going back to Colorado! Not permanently quite yet and not my usual place… I got invited by USA Cycling to a Talent Identification Camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs! This has been in the making for a few weeks now but I wanted to wait until it was finalized to share with anyone, I head out next Saturday and will be there until mid June. I will do my best to share as much as I can on the blog while I am there!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I swam yesterday for the first time since February and it was extremely difficult but wonderful at the same time. 

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am ready for permanent sunshine. Last week was grey and rainy and week and I just was not into it. 

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am really thankful for training partners. I do a majority of my training solo and right now my life is pretty much train, eat, work, sleep so those one of two times a week I get to train with a friend is crucial to my sanity. 

That’s all I got for you today. 



Healthy Regards,




Training Summary 5.4 – 5.10


 Last week was a big week of training over here. Not only was it a lot of miles and hours in the saddle it also involved quite a bit of intensity.


MONDAY: 3 hour bike with tabatas (continuous short but hard intervals with very little rest). 

TUESDAY: 1. 3 hour 30 minute bike most of which was done with a cycling buddy who is extremely strong and makes me work regardless of what kind of ride we are doing. 2. 30 minutes strength. 

WEDNESDAY: 1. 1 hour 30 minute easy bike. 2. Jog 35 minutes. 

THURSDAY: 1. 3 hour bike with sprinting practice. 2. 1 hour strength.

FRIDAY: 4 hour 20 minute bike base. 

SATURDAY: 3 hour ride with time trial practice intervals. 

SUNDAY: Group ride 1 hour 45 minutes that was HARD. Many big group rides are testaments of who can suffer the most and this ride was no different. I was already pretty spent from my week so this ride was especially testing today. 


TOTALS: 20 hours 5 minutes (approx. 350 miles) on the bike, 35 minutes jogging and 1 hour 30 minutes of strength. 


…. And then I slept 10 hours last night. 


Healthy Regards,






 Hi, Happy Thursday!

How is your week going? So far so good over here. After a weekend away I spent Tuesday going to physical therapy, riding with a friend and then catching up on stuff. Wednesday consisted of a ride, a run and work. Today I get to ride, go to physical therapy, get my hair cut (finally!!) and run some errands. I love my daily life these days. 

Oh also get to spend lots of quality time with this girl. 

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We love making snap stories. 


I saw this post on a friends blog a while ago and thought it would be fun to do! So here are some of my own lists of fours on random topics. 

Four Jobs I’ve Had

1. Group Fitness Instructor
2. Physical Therapy Aide
3. Social Media Manager
4. Sales

Four Movies I Love

1. Transformers (the first one) 
2. Cheaper By The Dozen- I could watch this a million times 
3. Little Miss Sunshine
4. Up 

Four Places I’ve Lived

1. Huntington Beach, CA
2. Malibu, CA
3. Boulder, CO
4. Brentwood, CA

Four Foods I Hate (this is hard I really love eating)

2. Ya nothings coming…
3. Sorry…
4. #foodlover

Four Foods I Love

1. Oatmeal
2. Almond Butter
3. Winter Squash
4. Sweet Potatoes

Four Bad Habits

1. Overdoing things – I have an addictive personality I am an all in or a not at all kinda person. This has led to my greatest successes but it can also be one of my biggest downfalls. I fall into the “more is better” trap often. 

2. Getting caught up in the past or the future. Staying present and appreciating the moment can be a challenge for me. 

3. I don’t always wash my fruit/veggies. I don’t know why not. I am never so hungry that I can’t take the few seconds to wash it. I just don’t… hmmm and it probably won’t change since I have been doing it for 23 years and feel pretty good so far. 

4. People pleaser. I have gotten better at this is something I have struggled with.

Four Good Habits

1. Laser like focus – When I really want something, I will do everything to get it. 

2. I’m always on time or early – I can thank my Mom for this one, she actually tends to be 30 minutes early for everything so it has been ingrained in me. 

3. Sleep > everything. I prioritize sleep which is usually a great thing. I do sometimes get called a grandma…

4.  I drink coffee. This is good for everyone else. 

Four Lessons Learned

1. If it scares you it’s probably good for you. 

2. The people who become your greatest friends are usually the ones you least expect. So give everyone the chance. 

3. Hand written cards for reasons other than birthdays are greatly appreciated. 

 4. Everything happens for a reason. Cliche, yes. But up to this point in my life everything that has seemed impossibly difficult in the moment (or for many months) has not only turned out OK but something pretty spectacular has come from it. 

Four of My Favorite Songs 

1. Dancing Shoes – Green River Ordinance 

2. When the Starts Go Blue – Tim McGraw

3. Tim McGraw – Taylor Swift 

4. Wildfire – John Mayer

Four of My Favorite Books

1. Better Than Before – Gretchen Rubin 

2. One Thousand Gifts – Ann Voskamp 

3. Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

4. Love You Forever – Robert Munsch (A forever favorite) 



There are some fours for you. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Healthy Regards,


Tell me your 4 from one of the questions above!