Seven To-Do’s For The Injured Endurance Athlete

Wednesday was crazy. When you go from an endurance athlete training schedule to complete rest there are a few stages you go through. 

They go something like this: 

Stage one: I HATE resting, what do I even do with myself?

Stage two: Wow, I am exhausted and could sleep for days. 

Stage three: WOW, this doing nothing thing has its perks I could totally sleep in a few more days, those mid day naps are awesome, and I still plan on going to bed at 8pm every night. 

Stage four: OMG I have so much energy, I could take on the world! Lets tackle that to-do list, I should catch up with that person, hmm maybe I should clean the house. I totally forgot what its like to feel rested! 

Wednesday I woke up in stage four. Finally fully rested and feeling like I had so much time without any training on the schedule I decided to catch up on many things that fall by the wayside while training.  Injured Endurance Athlete

1. Catch up with family. Oh ya those people who support your wildest athletic dreams? Amidst training you are just much to busy, tired and crazy for that phone call, family dinner, Christmas day…. 

2. See friends that don’t accompany you to swim, bike or run. You don’t even have to try to explain why you rode your bike for 5 hours earlier that day. 

3. Tackle any home projects (if injury allows) that you have been putting off. I know the feeling, you train, you work, you take care of the few other life things you can manage; at this point you are just trying to keep your home clean and in working condition. You will finally have time and energy to add a little life to your humble abode. 

4. Take some time to actually get ready for social outings, work etc. It will be shocking for many, some may not even recognize you but it’s good to show them that your hair does actually dry, you know how to put on a little makeup and maybe just maybe you have something in your closet that does not include spandex. 

5. Respond to emails, phone calls and texts. I am not judging you…. but I’ve been there. 

6. Make plans that may run later than 7pm. With all this new-found energy you won’t need to go to bed at 8. Plus you may discover a whole new world out there and trick people into thinking your “cool”. 

7. Do those other things on your running to-do list that you just have not had the time or energy to do. For me that has been focusing on where I am trying to grow and develop outside of training i.e. applying to grad school, working on what I wanna do with Healthy Regards Hayley, reaching out for freelance opportunities and putting more energy into the work I already have. 

Injuries can be tough. I am a true believer however that everything (especially the hard things) happen for a reason. Instead of moping take all this extra time and energy to do things that just don’t seem to happen while in training mode. 

Healthy Regards,


Which of these can you relate to?

What else do you have to add to the list? 


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