This is what it feels like


First of all, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of support I received in relation to my big news, so thanks for that!

I am feeling about a million emotions right now. This place is truly amazing. It is beautiful and I was pinching my self during my ride yesterday. 
colorado IMG_0161

But if I am being honest I am also feeling fear. 

I wish I wasn’t! Trust is something I value and trusting that everything is going to work out is part of that. Last time I moved to Colorado though I didn’t last long. I was injured and depressed. I was running out of money and in turn I ran home. As you can imagine, coaching high school cross country is not a big money maker. While I don’t value living large, money is money and we all need it. 

That being said I am stressed to find another job. A job that makes me some money but also allows me to live out my passion for coaching. Did I mention I am also back to chasing the professional triathlete dream? Ha! So I need a job that pays the bills, allows me to have a job I love (coaching) AND lets me chase my other professional dream. What a combo, right? 

So yeah, I feel scared. Scared that I am going to fail at finding that above job. Fearful that again I will have to run back to California. Afraid that taking this leap of faith is going to be for nothing. 

On the flip side I know that I have control of the actions I can take. Fear can be good, fear can motivate! So instead of letting my fear hold me back (obviously that is not the biggest issue since I am typing this here in Colorado), I am taking advantage of fear. I am going to let fear move me. Fear is going to push me to work my butt off for this perfect third job. I am going to run with the dreams that I have because I can’t stop thinking about them. I am going to pray and I am going to trust that things will work out exactly as they should. 

Healthy Regards,



Let’s chat! (reply in the comments below)

What is the biggest leap of faith you have taken and how did it work out?

Does fear usually motivate or paralyze you? 

What are some of your biggest fears?



P.S if you have any money making ideas for me send ’em my way!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ here I come

The past 2 weeks have been a whirl wind ’round here. While you are reading this I am probably traversing mountains, my car packed to the brim and my heart open to a new adventure in Colorado!

Three weeks ago I received a call in regards to a pipe dream job I applied for months ago. Our scheduled phone interview turned into an easy hour long chat. Things clicked immediately. I went into the interview thinking it would be good to make the connection and maybe when I was more “stable” I could reconnect. I knew pretty quickly into the phone-call however that if I were given the opportunity, I had to make this work. 

With nothing in place to move to a new state or leave Southern California I accepted the job in Denver, CO about 10 days ago!!!!

I am SO excited to join Valor Christian High School as an Assistant Cross Country Coach! 


Healthy Regards,


Training Recap 8/24 – 8/30

Wow, how is it already Sunday evening?!

This week passed quicker than I could have expected. As I mentioned during the week, I do have some news for y’all…. coming in the next two days. I promise! 

Today let’s chat training. 

Guys I am feeling so happy with how my training has progressed in the past month. I am finally starting to feel really pretty great a majority of the time. I was just  talking with a friend over coffee today about how I didn’t realize how bad it was when I was in it but I was pretty burnt out for like 8 weeks. I wasn’t looking forward to my training, felt sluggish a majority of the time and was just not able to give my best to any of my workouts. I also tried to race a few times during that 8+ weeks and the results left me even more bummed. Now that I am on the other side of that I feel like a million bucks and pretty grateful that I do feel good and excited for training. It’s a good reminder that we all go though times where training just feels blah. 

So here’s what I have been up to in the past seven days: 

Monday: 40 minute easy swim, base ride 2 hours. 

Tuesday: 30 minute run + drills and strides, 2 hours on the bike with some longer intervals

Wednesday: Tower 26 ocean swim (1 hour 30 minutes), 2 hours 40 minute bike with hill intervals 

Thursday: 45 minute fartlek run, 30 minutes strength

Friday: 1 hour masters swim, 1 hour 30 minute big gear intervals on the bike

Saturday: 1 hour 20 minute Tower 26 swim, 4 hour ride in the Santa Monica mountains 

IMG_0110view from ride, doesn’t get much better than this!

Sunday: 1 hour hilly trail run, 1 hour strength 


  • Swim: 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Bike: 12 hours 17 minutes
  • Run: 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Strength: 1 hour 30 minutes 

Total: 20 hours 37 minutes

Can’t complain about that! Happy to be healthy and happy!


Healthy Regards,


My Favorite Things – Southern California

Hey hey happy hump day! 

Southern California has been my home for my whole life besides a few months here and there when I lived in Boulder, CO. I love Southern California and it will always feel like home. Although my blog tends to be a hodge podge of different topics, today I am doing something totally new and sharing my favorite things about Southern California. 

There is of course the general stuff like my family, network, the weather and the ocean but let’s get down to some specifics. For those traveling to the area or just looking for something new I am hopeful my mini guide can help. 


Frozen Yogurt/frozen treats (in order of bestest to best):

Places to run: 

  • Sycamore Canyon (Malibu)
  • Peters Canyon (Tustin)
  • El Moro (Newport Beach) — insider tip: Park at Ridge Park as opposed to the parking lot off of PCH. Ridge Park is free and you have lots of trail options. 
  • Malibu Creek State Park (Malibu)
  • Santa Monica- San Vicente and Boardwalk (Santa Monica)

Is it weird that the first three lists I thought of were food and places to run? 

Training Groups (I generally do the majority of my training solo or with select training partners but for the group atmosphere these are two I really enjoy):

  • Tower 26 for swimming (Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica)
  • La Grange – Best west side group rides (West LA)

Workout Studios:

  • Cry Baby House – although I have only been once, it has to be on the list! If you are a cyclist or a triathlete giving your free class a try is a must. (Venice, CA)
  • Core Power Yoga – aka, the only yoga I actually enjoy (Multiple locations)
  • Burn 60 – another one I wish I was able to do more of (Brentwood, Thousand Oaks and West Hollywood soon)
  • Box n’ Burn (Brentwood and Santa Monica)

Bike segments:

  • Yerba Buena (climb, Malibu)
  • All of Mulholland (Coastal and Valley)
  • Latigo to Kanaan (Malibu)
  • Mtb’ing up Sullivan and the whoops (Santa Monica area)
  • Basically all of the Santa Monica Mountains
  • Nichols Canyon…. love/hate (West Hollywood)
  • Newport Coast Drive (Newport Beach)
  • Laguna Canyon (Laguna Beach to Irvine) 

Okay well, I have now realized after thinking of list topics that everything I do consists of some sort of training/workout or eating. Oh well! I am not upset about it. Honestly Southern California offers some of the best training conditions, places and people… so here is your guide to swimming, biking, running and eating in Southern California. 

Stay tuned for some big news… hint in this post… coming at you later this week!


Healthy Regards,



What are some of your favorite things where you live?

Have you been to any of the places in my list?

Any guesses on my “big” news?