Training 10/13-10/19: Tears were shed.

Monday- Swim 60 minutes, Bike 2 hours

Tuesday- Swim 90 minutes

Wednesday- Bike 3 hours

Thursday- Swim 90 minutes, Bike 2 hours

Friday- Hot yoga 1 hour

Saturday- Bike 1 hour

Sunday- Off

Yesterday I cried. Not really the most positive way for me to start this post but it happened. About a month ago when I was getting back to running after 10 months off I felt like I pulled a muscle on the opposite leg that had been injured all year. No big deal as I assumed it was just a pulled muscle. Well the pulled muscle pain has not gone away. Actually it has gotten worse. And while I have tried to ignore it and do what I can I am afraid that hasn’t been helping. Today I was planning to do another cyclocross race but instead I headed down to my parents house and cried the whole drive. 

As the tears came so did this image: 


 A popular one that you have probably seen on some social media outlet multiple times. As I drove and cried and thought “this is not fair” (which is hard to admit) I kept seeing the squiggly line. All I want is to be healthy. To wake up and be able to do what I want (which is usually to go on a run or bike). Yet every time my line seems to be straightening out it takes an unexpected “unfair” turn. And while I often stay strong there are times where all these turns get the best of me. But maybe those turns are just life. And maybe those turns happen for a reason. The one thing that is reassuring based on this simple picture is that somehow all those twists and turns still get you to exactly where you want to go if you keep with it. 

Healthy Regards,


Do you ever just need to cry? Lol is that just me? Idk yesterday I just needed a good cry and I am feeling better today so I think that it is good to do sometimes (: 

How was your weekend? 


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