The one thing I want in 2015

I have had my eyes set on 2015 for weeks. 


This year as always I want to accomplish which actually makes my “big 2015 resolution” quite simple, stay healthy.

2014 was plagued with injuries. Two stress fractures in either side of my hip made for a difficult year. It was really hard to be the best version of myself in other areas of my life and accomplish all my “big goals” when the part I love most was taken away from me.  

So for 2015 I will do everything in my power to avoid injury and illness. 

The injuries were a result of not always taking the best care of myself in the past. I love working hard…. high volume training is my jam. But it comes with a price. You have to be especially attentive to proper progression, nutrition, rest, recovery and maybe most importantly yet hardest to do: listening to your body. 

Here is how I plan stay injury free and healthy for a whole year:

1. Listen to my coach. I am excited to be working with friend turned coach, KP or Kristen Legan this year. I chose to work with KP because of trust. We trained together long before I thought to turn to her for coaching. She knows my potential but she also cares about my health. I know that if I am listening to her I will be doing the best thing not only for my fitness but also for my health. 

2. Prioritize rest and recovery. Another sometimes difficult one for me that I know KP will also keep me accountable for. As volume goes up, sleep, rolling, stretching and massage become more important as well as taking days off and having easier weeks. Allowing myself to fully absorb my training through R&R will not only help keep me injury and illness free but will actually make me a stronger better athlete. 

3. Optimize nutrition! I have always thought I was pretty good at nutrition. I definitely am not eating crap but during high volume training blocks I get sick more than I should and unfortunately my bone health is a sign of inadequate nutrition. I am working with a nutritionist to make sure I am fueling myself with the best stuff possible while balancing eating enough and feeling like I am in race ready shape. It is a tough balance but I am confident in my nutritionist and excited to learn more. 

4. Strength. Again as volume goes up I believe strength becomes more important for staying injury free. For me 2x a week for 45 minutes is all I need and easy to commit to! 

Here is to a healthy, happy and succesful 2015.


Healthy Regards,