A swim in the snow and a bike ride in the sauna

OK- so I didn’t exactly swim in the snow. And I have never taken my bike in a sauna…. I did however have a great day of training yesterday.

photo(Notice the snow all around the pool, I wasn’t totally lying!)

Yesterday was my first real training day back with the team in Colorado. We had a 90 minute swim and then an indoor bike workout that ended up being about 2 hours. 

photo 1(6 trainers in a small room with no ventilation= pretty much a sauna.) 

  I had not swam a 90 minute practice since August so just being in the pool that long left my arms aching. Then came the indoor bike workout…  after a good warm up we had 3 different time trial efforts: 2k, 20k and 200m sprint. I just about died after the 20k. You would think that if I can ride 56 miles for a half ironman with a half marathon after, 20k would be nothing.  Think again Hayley: when you are trying to sustain close to 100% for that time it is not easy! Although it was a hard day it reminded me of one of the reasons I came back to this state.

1010622_10102510104397562_155418446_n(one of our coaches and a teammate)

I am so lucky to get to train with such a talented and educated team of individuals. The group is made up of some of the best professionals in the sport and the coaches are the only ones I see myself working with. My coach has not only pushed me as an athlete but as a person and at the same time has treated me like family. 


 (Beautiful  Montana location for our epic training camp this summer.)

Most importantly, we have a ton of fun! A disappointing race season in 2013 left me questioning myself in the sport of triathlon. After thinking through things and talking with my coach (once again: he is great), I have realized that is was just that: a few disappointing races. Races are only about 5% of the picture though. I had the best training year of my life and unfortunately I had some barriers that held me back from reflecting that training on race day. It would be pessimistic of me to let 95% good be erased by 5% bad.  

64718_605630079457023_1309138556_n(A girls night out with some of the girls on the team this past summer)

Honestly when I go back to why I started the sport and fell in love with triathlon in the first place, race results were not part of it. I love this sport and have so much fun doing it. Triathlon constantly pushes me both mentally and physically, it demands the best of me. 

photo_2  (The lady who got me into triathlons-aka my mom- and I after a fun race together)

IMG_7894(This was one of my first races and first overall female win, look how happy I am!)

2013 was not a disappointing season, it was a wonderful season of growth, with more highs than lows, with more fun than unfun (yep making that a word) and with more success then failure. And hey, if you ain’t failing then you ain’t trying hard enough!


Yesterdays training was the perfect kick-off to another year of sport. Here is to training with a smile and racing with gratitude in 2014!

Healthy Regards,


 Have you ever questioned your involvement in a sport and how did you come out of it?



  1. So glad that I found your blog! I just read through your posts, and wow girl! I’ll let you in on a secret – it’s my dream to do a triathlon one day, but I am a terrible swimmer, so I will just have to live vicariously through you! Are you a full time triathlete these days?

    • hayleyelytle@gmail.comsays:

      Hi Amy!
      You are so sweet! You can definitely do a triathlon. I was not a swimmer either, you just have to work on it, luckily its the first thing in the race so once you get through it you feel awesome the rest of the race! I am pursuing other things in addition to triathlon, I love sport in general but I also have lots of career goals I am not ready to put aside.

  2. That swim outside in the snow actually looks amazing (and I don’t really enjoy swimming). It’s at least different than being inside staring at the black line. 🙂 Great attitude to start the season!!

  3. oh love this! what a great kick off! this season will be great and it all begins with your attitude. <3

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