Best Blog Weekend- I need your help!

The past few weeks I have been experimenting with this blogging thing. Trying to get into the hang of posting, figuring out what to post, connecting with other bloggers and managing other  social media sites.

I have been pondering the content of the blog and my mission as I sit here and type every day. 


What inspires me most is other bloggers and seeing what they have done, what is successful while still being true to themselves. This weekend I am set to get this thing into full gear. To write my mission statement that I will stay true to with every post, to make my layout something I love and to gain some focus and fluidity with the everyday management. 

BUT I have some questions for all of you other bloggers (some I especially look up to: Julie, Kristin, Gina, Jessica, Courtney, Cori, Page, Tina, Jenna, Amanda, Monica plus so many more I can’t even list them all!) and the readers that I am trying to reach: 

  1. First impressions of a blog: how much does a layout play into this and what do you like in a layout? does it affect how long you browse around the blog, read posts, come back?
  2. Blogger behind the blog: do you want to know about their daily life, eats, workouts? How much is too much or do you appreciate them sharing? 
  3. Drawing the line between real life and blog life- where and how do you draw it?
  4. What are your favorite posts to read? Informational content heavy, lots of pictures, recipes, daily life, training?
  5. How many posts per week/per day? What is too much, what is not enough?
  6. How do you manage all the different social media outlets?! 
  7. Do you have one twitter, instagram, Facebook for blogging and real life?
  8. What has been your most successful way in reaching more readers?

I realize every blogger and reader takes a very different approach to most of these so please just tell me how YOU feel about the topic or what you do and have seen success with. AND please, please, please respond if you have any input at all on any questions or any advice you have for me not relating to the questions, I will take it all to heart.

This blog is an outlet for me but it is more for you guys, so help me make it the best for YOU! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Healthy Regards,




  1. Angelasays:

    As a blog reader I really think layout matters a lot – as in first impression is really important! I will usually stick around if the site looks nice at first glance.
    2. I like to get to know the blogger over time, so yes I do like bloggers getting personal with their posts .. It’s kind of like reading “episodes” of their life haha.
    3. (can’t comment since I don’t blog, but I have to say it is offputting if bloggers put TOO much information about their personal lives)
    4. I typically read blogs with LOTS of pictures and BIG pictures (not necessarily high quality .. doesn’t really matter since I think only pros can really tell the diff bw really good pics and whatnot) – and I actually like reading about their normal day to day events .. makes me feel normal about the blandness of my life haha

    • hayleyelytle@gmail.comsays:

      Angela, Thank you SO SO much for your feedback, I will consider all of this going forward, I hope you will continue to read (:

  2. Here is my take on this as a blogger AND blog reader:

    1. Layout does matter. I think a clean, organized blog is much more enjoyable for a reader. It makes your site more attractive to an audience and helps to draw traffic.

    2. I think a lot of people like reading the day to day life of bloggers, however, the blog is YOURS to you have to find out what you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it you won’t be able to follow through with the blog itself. Share as much as you want. I try to share as much as I can, but there are parts of my personal life that I like to keep to myself. They just don’t need to be out in the open for everyone. You will find a balance once you begin.

    3.I am still trying to find a balance in time management. I can end up working most of the day on blog-related things but I usually try to set up a time where I can cut it off completely. In terms of what to post on the blog – like I said I share a lot, but there are things in life that I keep private. That’s just how life works.

    4. I think pictures are important, but content is KEY! Especially if you are looking into things such as search engine optimization – while people love reading just about your day I think providing relative and important information to your readers is just as important. I think your blog should be treated like your baby – only give it them best. Of course there will be some days where you will have a less than amazing post that’s just how it goes. If you put the time into the blog it will pay off eventually!

    5. That is up to you. I try to do one per day at a minimum but recently changed to 1 larger post in the AM and a smaller post in the PM Monday-Thursday. I only do one post per day Friday-Sunday so that I can get a break during the weekend. The more constant the posting the more google will like you 🙂

    6. That is tricky. I just try to make sure a lot of things are set up automatically to help. If a post goes it up it will automatically post to most all my social media sites. Also, if you use twitter I really like Hootesuite it helps manage it.

    7. I use facebook and instagram for both blog and real life. The others I only use for blogging and I keep them fully separate.

    8. I think its just persistence. You have to be interactive, write about what you love, and eventually your blog will grow. Interact with others bloggers and readers. It is a slow process but it goes back to what you LOVE. IF you love it – it won’t seem like a job.

    Hope that helps! Good luck! Feel free to email me if you have a direct questions! (saralovingontherun at gmail dot com)
    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun recently posted…Weekly Recap: 1/13 – 1/19My Profile

    • hayleyelytle@gmail.comsays:

      Sara, YOU ARE AMAZING! thank you so so so much for all of this!

  3. I responded to this once and it seems to have disappeared so let’s try this again 🙂 This is from a blogger and a blog reader so hopefully it will give you some of both!

    1. I think layout is the first impression a reader gets of your blog. I think a neat and organized blog helps to attract more readers. I always think that your blog is like your baby so you want to make it the best you can!

    2. I think this is up to you. Readers seem to enjoy to get into the life of the blogger, but it is up to you on how much you want to share on a daily basis. I don’t share everything because there are some things I keep private, but I try to be pretty open.

    3. I try to always have a cut off time each day where I disconnect. It is hard because blogging can take up a lot of time, but you have to have a distance at times or it can over take you. Also if you are talking in the aspect of what you post – again that is up to you. I have certain topics I won’t post about – like employment or things like that because that is too personal for me to share and you never know who is reading.

    4. I think your posts should be whatever you like. I do some posts where it is more information and then some where it is just complete randomness. The big thing I think is that people do enjoy pictures. I am not a photographer and 98% of my pictures are taken on my phone. I am not a big foodie blogger so I think that is OK but if your blog is dependent on pictures I would upgrade cameras. Google search engine optimization and you can see how to format posts to help make your posts more friendly with google and other search engines.

    5. I do two posts (1 main and 1 smaller) a day M-TH and then one post F-Su. It just makes it easier for me so that I can take a break on the weekend. It is up to you and what you have time for. When I go back to working full time I don’t know if I will be able to post twice a day, but I will venture there when it comes. Also, the more consistent you are at posting the more google likes you so that is important.

    6. Managing social media is tough. I try to get some things set up automatically- like when I post I have it post automatically to twitter, facebook, etc. I use hootesuite for twitter which seems to really help organize things.

    7. I have personal and blogging facebook and instagram, but I keep them separate. Twitter and all others I just have for blogging, I definitely don’t mix the two, but that is just personal preference.

    8.I think interacting with other bloggers, readers, and learning what your readers want is key.

    If you have any other questions email me at saralovingontherun at gmail dot com. I will be happy to help you in any way I can!
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  4. It’s all about what works for YOU!!!!! It’s your blog so do what you want with it! 🙂
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    • hayleyelytle@gmail.comsays:

      Ah yes that is what I am finding, being myself eh? Ok! Thank you!

  5. Hey Hayley! Here’s some of my thoughts on your questions:

    1. Layout is a big one for me. If not’s visually appealing at the start, then I don’t have anything to draw in my attention to want to read more. It has to be reader friendly (i.e., I can easily browse, can find a search bar, etc.)

    2. This depends on the blog. I read some blogs that do share their day to day stuff and I like that. But there’s also other blogs I read that have a certain niche and really only blog about a particular subject. As long as the writing is authentic, that’s what matters.

    3. Real life vs. blog life? It’s really all about how much you want to share, I try to be honest with my readers and let them know that everything isn’t always as “perfect” as it may appear. But it may seem that way because I enjoy (as most people do) sharing the positives. As long as you can keep it real and draw a line that you’re comfortable with, that’s what matters.

    4. Favorite posts = lots of pictures and not too long. I don’t always have a lot of time to read so less is more!

    5. How many posts per week/per day? I used to blog 3x a day…I cannot even imagine doing that anymore! Too exhausting! Now I blog about 4-5x/week which really helps a ton with time management. Plus it makes it easier to come up with content since I’m not posting about every. little. thing. each day.

    6. I like to choose a couple social media platforms and stick with them. Instagram is my favorite to have “fun” on, but I also syndicate my posts on Twitter and Facebook which helps get readers to see my content by clicking through (there’s plugins you can install!).

    7. Do you have one twitter, instagram, Facebook for blogging and real life? – Yup!

    8. What has been your most successful way in reaching more readers? – Social media, definitely! Partaking in Twitter chats, sharing posts, and reading/communicating with others through different blogs.

    Best of luck to you! The longer you keep at it, the easier it will be for you to figure out how you want to manage your own space. Just remember that…it’s YOURS and you can do whatever you want! 🙂 xoxo

    • hayleyelytle@gmail.comsays:

      Courtney, thank you! I love all of this and it helps me going forward. I am quite the perfectionist so I want this blog to be perfect but I am learning 1. Patience and 2. there is no “perfect” blog. I know you are busy with your new little one so that fact that you took time to answer my questions means so much. Thank you again!

  6. 1. LAYOUT matters- if you don’t catch my eye with something that is engaging but clean I won’t be staying around for long. Sometimes I’ll click on a new blog and if things are cluttered or a confusing layout I won’t even bother.
    2. I like getting to know my bloggers… I am a firm believer in BEING YOURSELF and SHARING YOURSELF. It’s okay to not always be rainbows and butterflies but it’s never okay to not be REAL and HONEST with your readers.
    3. Real life vs blog life- if my blog is getting in the way of actually LIVING I put it on the back burner. LIFE comes first blog comes somewhere after that.
    4. I love deep and insightful posts with a splash of humor. I don’t care that much about recipes but that’s because I’m not a cook myself and training- I’ll take some tips but I don’t typically look at training logs of others.
    5. I post every day… sometimes I’ll miss one but it’s typically 7 days a week. HOWEVER, I think it depends on the blogger and the content they are sharing. For some it makes sense to only post a few times a week…. plus I don’t have kids and some of my favorite bloggers have full plates with jobs, husbands and kids.
    6. Managing social media takes practice and creativity. I still drop the ball every now and then but I am learning…. it’s always a learning process.
    7. I have one twitter and IG for blogging. The only one I have two of is Facebook- personal and blog.
    8. Be honest, genuine, and engage with your readers.

    Hope this helps a little!
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    • hayleyelytle@gmail.comsays:

      Thank you, Cori. This does help (:

  7. Jo Annsays:

    Found your blog from your comment on Tina’s blog. I NEVER click to see the commenter’s blog but for some reason, I did it on your comment. Good thing too!! I’m training for my first Ironman 70.3 so your blog can definitely inspire me (since all the blogs I follow are about running). And, I live in Colorado too so it’ll motivate me to get out there when I’m complaining about how cold it is. 😀

    1. I like a simplistic layouts but quite frankly, it doesn’t matter much to me. I read blogs on feedly so I rarely visit the blog itself. That being said, I can’t read any of your posts there so maybe that’s something you can look into? I’ll have to try to remember to visit this one on occasion but it would be a lot easier if I could subscribe to you on feedly.

    2. I love to read about what happens on the daily life of the bloggers I follow.. to a degree. There are some bloggers that give you a breakdown of every single thing they do, every single day, and to me that’s too much. But I’ve seen bloggers do a sporadic “day in the life” post every once in a life and those are really cool. Reminds me that I’m not the only one trying to do too much at once.

    3. This goes hand in hand with #2 I think. I think if you plan your posts it would be easier for you to manage your time and not let the blog consume you. Maybe you don’t post every day, maybe you don’t tell us every detail of your day.. It’s about keeping it interesting. Quality, not quantity.

    4. I like a balance of information and pictures. Too much of either and I end up not reading all the way through. I read blogs mostly for motivation in my own athletic goals. I really like posts that contain advise, like what works for you. May be something that works for me too.

    5. Like I said before, I read blogs where people post every day and I end up skimming through. There is no quality content. Sweat once a day posts 2, maybe 3 times a week (I think) but she is my absolute favorite. I am excited when I see a new post (like there is a new one as I type!) because I know there will be real life struggles and successes with her training, and she motivates me more than anyone.

    6. I don’t have much to say on this. But, there are some bloggers that tie all their accounts together. So the post on 1 place shows up in the other. I won’t follow all the media outlets because I can just follow one and get the info.

    7. Not a blogger but I will suggest having separate accounts. You gotta keep your privacy somehow! 🙂

    8. Again, not a blogger, but I have found several blogs to follow on Pinterest. If an article sounds good enough I will click on it. If I like the writing style I will follow. So pin away!

    I’m looking forward for some tri inspiration from your blog! 😀

    • hayleyelytle@gmail.comsays:

      Jo Ann! Thank you for all of this! I am so happy you clicked on my blog, it must have been fate (: Hopefully I can help inspire and direct your training. I am going to look into feedly. It has been quite a process trying to connect all the social media, sites, technology! Its a big overwhelming world! Once again, thanks for all this feedback, I take every word to heart. Enjoy this blog and always let me know if there is something you would like to talk about specifically or any suggestions, please be open with me. This place is for you guys!

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