Week of workouts 7.18-7.24 + my new fav fitness class

I am slowly but surely adding a bit more training to my weeks. I am still very much in the do what I can, when I can and most importantly- what I feel like doing. It has been fun!

Monday- Bike 3 hours

Tuesday– Run 35 minutes + 15 minutes core

Wednesday– Bike 3 hours

Thursday– Box ‘n Burn class, 1 hour.

Friday– rest

Saturday– Bike 2.5 hours

Sunday– Run 1 hour + core 15 minutes 

I haven’t swam for like 2 months?! It’s always the first thing to go and while I always regret that once I get back in the pool, I am not worried about it right now. 

I’ve been working those upper body muscles in different ways  at a new fitness studio in my neighborhood. Box ‘N Burn is a boxing gym that offers a unique style of boxing fitness classes. I was seriously impressed after my first visit! These workouts are no joke. BpQxFrrCAAAcKVm.jpg-largeEach class is a little bit different but they all start with a progressive warm up of about 15 minutes before getting down to business.

The main part of the class consists of 3 different stations. At one station you are in the ring doing one on one mit work with a trainer. The next station is at the heavy bags where you go through different combinations. The last station is tabata style strength and conditioning utilizing all types of equipment including ladders, bosu balls, med balls, free weights, ropes, the track etc. You work at each station for 3 minutes and go through each station 3 times. You basically get in 30 minutes of very high intensity, non stop work. BvDB3t8CYAA1SvO.jpg-largeAnd it doesn’t end there. You finish with a 3 minute interval of high intensity cardio before moving into core. You arrive at the cool down/stretch dripping in sweat, just how I like it (:

This class moves so quickly I am always shocked when we hit the hour mark. Expect your upper body to be hurting for a few days after your first class. The muscles you use boxing are so different from any other activity so you will definitely be sore from it. If you are in the West LA area I would totally recommend this class to anyone! It is nice because while everyone does the same thing you can also move at your own pace. Your first class is free so get to it. 

Healthy Regards,


How was your week of workouts? 

Have you ever tried a boxing fitness class? What did you think? If not- is this something you think you would enjoy? 


  1. I have been telling my husband for the past few weeks I want to try boxing! So cool!
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