Weekly training recap: Recovery + Race

7/3/2017 – 7/9/2017: Recovery week + training race

Monday – Rest day! My first one in 4 weeks, this was so needed!

Tuesday – Run 1 hour, 4 x 1 minute hill repeats, cool down to 9 miles; Strength 30 minutes + Straight swim 25 minutes

Wednesday – AM: Masters Swim 1 hour  NOON: Easy run 40 minutes PM: Teach indoor cycling 1 hour

Thursday – Group ride 2 hours + core 10 minutes

Friday – AM: Masters Swim 1 hour PM: Easy ride 1 hour 55 minutes

Saturday – Easy run 1 hour

Sunday – Olympic Distance Triathlon! 2 hours 25 minutes

Last week was a welcomed recovery week after three consistent build weeks (recaps here and here). I definitely needed it! I also had the opportunity to string together a swim, bike and run on Sunday at the Boulder Peak olympic distance triathlon.

This race was a fun way for me to practice racing without the stress of a longer goal race. Triathlon races can be overwhelming at times! There is a lot of coordination, equipment and things to remember in the days leading up to the race and on race morning so it was nice to have a low pressure race to practice all of this.

My 3 biggest goals for this race were:

  1. Feel good on the run
  2. Practice nutrition
  3. Have fun!

Brick runs have been tough for me since getting back into triathlon and while my run performance at St. George was hindered due to other issues, it didn’t help with my triathlon run confidence. With that in mind, I really needed a confidence boosting run and knew that the shorter distance and low pressure race would be a good time to hold back a bit on the bike in order to run strong.

I had some fueling issues at St. George and while an olympic distance triathlon doesn’t require a huge focus on race fueling, I knew it would still be a good opportunity to practice taking in calories at race intensity. Finally, I really just wanted to have fun with this race. Triathlon is my hobby and brings me a ton of joy but it is also a lot of work and provides it’s fair share of difficult moments. I definitely wanted to do this race as a reminder of why I love this sport.

I am happy to report that the race was a big personal success. I felt great on the run, practiced fueling with no tummy issues (woo hoo!) and I had SO much fun. My performance was not perfect but I met all three of my goals and finished happy. I even walked away with an AG win! It was exciting for me to feel great AND finish well. St. George 70.3 was a huge milestone in my return to triathlon but this race, although low-key and not a goal race, still felt just as important. I walked away encouraged and excited.


Healthy Regards,





Weekly training recap + Chatting about mid-season breaks

6/19/2017 – 6/25/2017 Training Recap

Monday: Masters Swim 1 hour 15 minutes/ Easy Spin 1 hour 50 minutes

Tuesday: Track workout- warm up, 6 x 1k with 2 minutes rest, cool down/ Strength 30 minutes + Straight swim 20 minutes

Wednesday: Masters Swim 1 hour 10 minutes/easy run 30 minutes/teach indoor cycling class 1 hour

Thursday: 2 hour 20 minute ride w/ hill repeats + core strength 10 minutes

Friday: 1 hour run with 20 minute tempo effort/ Swim 1 hour/ Strength 30 minutes

Saturday: 4 hour ride with 2 x 20 minute half ironman race pace efforts + 20 minute brick run.

This was my first brick workout since St. George and although it was a short run and my legs were sore from the accumulation of the last two weeks, I felt strong and fast! 

Sunday: 12 mile long run: 1 hour 33 minutes/ 2 hour easy spin


  • Swim – 3 hour 45 minutes
  • Bike – 11 hours 10 minutes 
  • Run – 4 hours 10 minutes 
  • Strength – 1 hour 10 minutes 
  • 20 hours 15 minutes

Overall, I was really happy with this week of training. I have been looking forward to and enjoying every workout thanks to my extended mid-season break (read more about that below). The training days can be long and exhausting but I can’t really imagine spending my time any other way. I am motivated and excited!

Now, let’s chat about rest…I have made a few (jk a lot of) training mistakes. In my first two years of racing, I trained hard, without anything longer than a few days of “rest” for far too long (aka 2 years). When I finally got to my “A” race of the season, I was completely burned out both mentally and physically.

This year, I have been all about training smarter and more conservative in order to avoid injuries, over training and burn out. One of my biggest goals moving forward in this sport is to be consistent over a long period of time. With that in mind, I decided to take an extended break after St. George 70.3. My plan was to take one week almost completely off from any exercise and then spend another week easing back into whatever felt right. Instead,  I spent a full 4 weeks away from any structured training.

I went on rides with friends that I wouldn’t have been able to with a strict training schedule, I didn’t run for a few weeks in order to work through some niggles and while I did some sort of training almost everyday, it was more about doing what felt good that day. I hopped into a few bike races, did a “fun 10k”,  drank more wine than normal and indulged in my fair share of burgers, sweet potato fries and ice cream. 4 weeks away from a training schedule may seem like a long time for most triathletes but looking back, it was exactly what I needed. Now, a few weeks into my current training block, I know that the mental and physical break has helped me refocus and look forward to the next couple months of training while feeling strong and healthy.

Because I was still active during those 4 weeks, I do not feel like I lost anything physically.  If anything, my break helped me get healthy and excited about training again. After St. George I was dealing with some hip and foot pain which completely went away with my extended break. Mentally, getting back onto a structured training plan 2 or even 3 weeks post race would have felt a little forced. 4 weeks post race however, I was truly ready to get back to structured training. I tend to enjoy structure over doing whatever feels good in the moment so the fact that for a few weeks there I didn’t want any structure, proves that I really did that time.

Here are some other signs that were good personal indicators that I needed a break:

  • Not being able to wake up at my normal time in the morning despite adequate sleep
  • Feeling exhausted all the time.
  • Dreading workouts that I usually found fun.
  • Starting to feel injury type pain in places that didn’t really make sense.
  • Overall lack of motivation.

There is no perfect formula for a mid season or post-race rest time but I do believe that if you tune into what your body and mind are telling you, you will figure out what you need.

Healthy Regards,



Training Recap 1.23 – 1.29: 4 weeks in and a recovery week

As I finish up my first recovery week of 2017, I am happy with the work I have put in so far and excited for what is yet to come! After 3 big weeks, this past week was a week to slow down a bit, recover and let my body soak up the efforts I have been putting in this month. Although I never felt overly tired during the 3 weeks leading up to this one, my body definitely needed some extra rest this week. My recovery week coincided nicely with some cooler (freezing) temps that made it hard to ride during the week. I covered more distance in the pool than I have in a long time AND the last thing we did on Saturday’s practice was an all out 100m for time and I was shocked by how fast(for me) I swam! Overall this week served its recovery purpose and I am feeling more and more like myself.

Monday: Masters Swim 1 hour 15 minutes


  • a.m. Strength 45 minutes + indoor cycling class 1 hour
  • p.m. Straight swim 25 minutes


  • a.m. Swim on own 1 hour 30 minutes
  • p.m. Run 40 minutes

Thursday: Elliptical 45 minutes 


  • a.m. Masters Swim 1 hour 10 minutes
  • p.m. Easy Ride 1 hour

Saturday: Masters swim 1 hour 15 minutes, base ride 3 hours


  • a.m. Trail run 50 minutes, core 30 minutes (I did this video minus the warm up and did my own stretching)
  • p.m. Easy recovery ride 1 hour


  • Swim: 5 hours 35 minutes 
  • Bike: 6 hours
  • Run + elliptical: 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Strength: 1 hour 15 minutes 

15 hours 5 minutes 

Now I am winding down and getting ready for another great week with homemade pizza and homemade almond butter dark chocolate + coconut cups (followed this recipe). 

Hoping you have your best week of 2017 yet!

Healthy Regards,




Start Where You Are

Happy New Year! I hope the 2nd day of 2017 has you feeling all sorts of motivated and excited for the year ahead.

I have never been particularly keen on new years resolutions but after a few years of feeling held back in the pursuit of some of my biggest goals, I am happy to jump on the band wagon date to renew focus and look ahead with anticipation for big things this year. 

And with that…

On the first day of 2017 I dove head first into my goal of getting to a start line healthy and confident.

After 4 years away I am officially signed up to toe the line again. Hitting that registration button didn’t come without fear. I went through the whole registration process 3 times before I finally put in my credit card information, took a deep breath and hit “Register”. 

So why am I so scared?

  • I am scared because in the back of my mind I have wanted this for the past 3 years and every year an injury has popped up that has kept me from racing. It has been heartbreaking and how can I be sure I will stay healthy this year?
  • I am scared because in 2013 I was in the best shape of my life when I raced both of the races I want to do again this year. I fear that I will not live up to my internal expectations to do better than I did before.
  • I am scared because fear is not a default setting for me. I am scared because I am scared.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t keep looking back. This is where all my fear is coming from. I can’t possibly be the best I can be today if I keep comparing myself to who I was yesterday, a week ago, a month ago… years ago! The only way I can move forward is to start where I am at. As an athlete I am committing to training where I am at. No more looking back, no more comparison to times, weights or training schedules.  I’m structuring my training as though I am building from the ground up. I’m choosing to move forward with anticipation of discovering what this new year holds.

I’ll be sharing my weekly training, highs, lows and hopefully some other fun stuff here if you’d like to follow along. 

  • Today I am starting where I am at with a rest day. In my former athletic life I would go weeks without a rest day. While that was OK then, it took me months and months of weekly rest days to get to that point. And so today I rest because I know my body needs it. And I will keep taking weekly rest days because that is where I am at right now.
  • Today I am starting where I am at by bringing some focus back to my daily nutrition. While I consistently eat fairly well, I don’t feel nearly as motivated with nutrition when I am not “in training”. It is not something I plan on doing forever, but in order to accomplish this goal I am recording my daily nutrition for the next couple weeks. For me, I know that this is a good way to take note of where I am doing well and what I need to work on by bringing some extra attention back to this area. 

Whatever your goals may be, what is one tangible way that you can start where you are at today? Any other fun new years “resolutions” to share?


Healthy Regards,