Hayley Approved


Friday favorites, Things I am Loving Lately, Friday Love, link-up, whatever you wanna call it but this week its Hayley Approved. 

1. Uhm Pinterest. Seriously I do not know why it took me so long to get on the Pinterest boat but it.is.awesome.

2.  Love this good reminder to keep chasing after that career you love. Or rather, making what you love into a career . 

3. This Almond Joy Nut Butter! Would be so good on my Almond Joy Muffin Tops!

4. The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying. Truth!

5. Need ideas for vegetarian protein sources? Greatist shares 12. 

6. In you 20’s? Read these Money Mistakes to Avoid.  I have things to work on in the next 8 years! 

Happy Friday!

Healthy Regards,


Plans for this weekend? I am in California for ExpoWest! 

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    • hayleyelytle@gmail.com says

      I know it sounds awesome! Yes I would so LOVE that, I hope your job interview goes well. I wish I could but I will be working!

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