Music to make it: a spin class playlist

Lately I have been taking many more spin classes than usual. With the  weather making outdoor rides impossible, and (I just found out today) a stress reaction in my hip which has meant no running, indoor spin has been my go to. 


(I’d rather be riding out here!)

Being a instructor myself I really enjoy when I get to go see how others lead classes, however it also makes me much more critical of teaching styles and music selection. I have found that someone can be a wonderful instructor and plan a killer workout but if the music is not exciting me, I have a hard time enjoying the workout. Especially with spin: I think there are great and specific warm up songs, climbing songs, speed songs, cool down and recovery songs.

With spin classes the music seems to really make it or break it for me. 


(Saw this on my recent trip to San Fran- was bummed that someone else knew my secret)

After experiencing some classes without the best song selection this past week I set out to make a good playlist for my class this morning. The workout was pretty basic since most people have big workouts on Saturdays we tend to not do anything too crazy but still,  the songs start slower for warm up and build as the class proceeds. I like to finish with some upbeat music to leave people walking out of class feeling good and ready to take on the day.  


  1. XO– Beyonce
  2. Pompeii– Bastille
  3. The Wire- Haim
  4. Team- Lorde 
  5. I’m ready- AJR
  6. How I Feel- Flo Rida
  7. You Make Me- Avicii
  8. White Walls- Macklemore 
  9. Neon Lights- Demi Lovato
  10. Timber- Pitbull, Kesha
  11. Old School Love- Lupe Fiasco 
  12. Tippin Point- Dallas Smith
  13. Best of 2012 Pop Mashup – Anthem Lights
  14. This is How We Roll- Florida Georgia Line

I hope this music either inspires you as an instructor or for your next workout on your own!

Does music make or break a group fitness class for you? What are some of your favorite workout songs right now?


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  1. Oh I agree, music is important, but in Spin, it is crucial!! I have been teaching outdoor bootcamps for the past couple years so haven’t had to think too much about music, and just have a few mixed cds for when I do go inside, but they are now outdated and I have to start putting playlists together this winter on my ipod and need all the ideas I can get! Thanks for the list!

  2. Very energetic post, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

  3. Sorry to hear about your hip! That is awful, hopefully you heal up quickly. When I did a gym membership for a while a few years ago when we moved here I definitely used music – it sets a tempo and keeps you moving along. For running I am a ‘one with nature’ type so no music for me 🙂

    As for outdoor biking, definitely get that one – I have a biker I see a couple of mornings a week during good weather, and saw him once this past week when conditions became ride-able for a bit. More snow today …

  4. steve Wsays:

    I am just starting to take Spin Classes with the plan to teach. I come from teaching Group classes.
    Music is MUCH different for Spin. Most of my tracks just needed to have a great downbeat. All of our cues are focused on the 8-count tempo.
    In Spin, the focus is on Motivation, and the cues are based on the Length of the track.
    This list is VERY helpful, and I also hope there will be a Part 2!

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