My one and only football post, and its about food.

Since I am in the Denver area people are pretty serious ’round here about this football thing right now.  

I suppose I will pretend to be interested in football for the weekend, so lets talk about food for the “big day.” I don’t think I will be cooking tomorrow but if I was here are some recipes from around the web that caught my eye. 

This guacamole with tortilla chips


Buffalo-Quinoa Bites.

Buffalo Quinoa Bites

I am not a huge bacon fan but I had this on New Years Eve. So good. Its sure to please non-asparagus eaters and non-bacon eaters alike.


No words necessary for these chicken fries. Just look below. Yum.


Crock-pot chili is easy and a crowd pleaser. 


Beer soaked fries. If you’re trying to score a boyfriend at your Super Bowl party make these. Super bowl, beer, fries = man-pleaser. 


One of my go-to’s for big groups is turkey burgers. I go with a simple recipe so people can have fun with toppings.


Happy Super Bowl Weekend!

Healthy Regards,


Any good super bowl plans? What team are you pulling for? 

I am going to a friend’s house to watch the game. Honestly, I don’t care who wins. I usually root for the opposite team everyone else I am with is rooting for. Seeing how serious people are right now though I should probably just shut my mouth. 

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  1. Meridith says

    Root for the Broncos because a.) you live in Colorado for crying out loud! and b.) to support your 49er-lovin’ side of the fam! Seahawks are our rival and Richard Sherman is a you-know-what. :)

    • says

      pahahahah ok ok fine I will root for broncos… I am glad you found the comments, look forward to more (: go broncos!

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