Best Blog Weekend- I need your help!

The past few weeks I have been experimenting with this blogging thing. Trying to get into the hang of posting, figuring out what to post, connecting with other bloggers and managing other  social media sites.

I have been pondering the content of the blog and my mission as I sit here and type every day. 


What inspires me most is other bloggers and seeing what they have done, what is successful while still being true to themselves. This weekend I am set to get this thing into full gear. To write my mission statement that I will stay true to with every post, to make my layout something I love and to gain some focus and fluidity with the everyday management. 

BUT I have some questions for all of you other bloggers (some I especially look up to: Julie, Kristin, Gina, Jessica, Courtney, Cori, Page, Tina, Jenna, Amanda, Monica plus so many more I can’t even list them all!) and the readers that I am trying to reach: 

  1. First impressions of a blog: how much does a layout play into this and what do you like in a layout? does it affect how long you browse around the blog, read posts, come back?
  2. Blogger behind the blog: do you want to know about their daily life, eats, workouts? How much is too much or do you appreciate them sharing? 
  3. Drawing the line between real life and blog life- where and how do you draw it?
  4. What are your favorite posts to read? Informational content heavy, lots of pictures, recipes, daily life, training?
  5. How many posts per week/per day? What is too much, what is not enough?
  6. How do you manage all the different social media outlets?! 
  7. Do you have one twitter, instagram, Facebook for blogging and real life?
  8. What has been your most successful way in reaching more readers?

I realize every blogger and reader takes a very different approach to most of these so please just tell me how YOU feel about the topic or what you do and have seen success with. AND please, please, please respond if you have any input at all on any questions or any advice you have for me not relating to the questions, I will take it all to heart.

This blog is an outlet for me but it is more for you guys, so help me make it the best for YOU! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Healthy Regards,



Hayley Approved

Happy Friday! Here is what I was loving this week:

It is no secret that I love Julie and I was especially loving this workout she posted this week

Outside magazine wrote about something I have been preaching a lot lately. Get up and move! 

I really want to go here, who is coming with?

These bars, I had one every day this week!

This soup looks so good, especially for all the cold we have been experiencing. 

My training group has been using these new trainers and they are awesome! It is like a cyclists’ dream video game. 

This is almost embarrassing but this song…. Can’t get enough. 

The fact that everyone in California has been posting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and snap-chatting me about how wonderful the weather is. 

Seriously LOL’ing on Monday, too true. 

Share with me a link to something you have been loving this week!

Healthy Regards,


Training Thursday: Mine and one for you


I know Thursday is a random day to share my weekly training with you guys as most bloggers do it daily or on Sunday… I like to mix things up (:

So here it is starting with last Thursday:

Thursday: Much needed unplanned rest day.

Friday: Teach spin 75minutes, strength 30minutes, 40m swim 2100yds

Saturday: FINALLY warm enough to ride outside! 2 hours steady state, aqua jog 20 minutes

Sunday: Spin class 90minutes, endurance core workout 20minutes

Monday: Recovery bike 1 hour, Swim 75 minutes 3200yds

Tuesday: Spin class 60minutes,  swim 30minutes 1700yds, strength work 45minutes, yoga 1 hour

WednesdaySwim 90minutes 4000yds, Bike workout 90minutes 



(Our new indoor bike workout setup- pretty awesome!)

Now for you guys, a spin class outline from a class I taught this past week:

A great mix of speed and strength and easy to do on your own! Check out this playlist to use. Enjoy!

spin workout


When you spin on your own do you have a workout in mind?

ALSO Lets not forget our goal for this week, tell me one thing you are thankful for today! 

Healthy Regards,


Are you getting enough sun to avoid a stress fracture?

Right now? Probably not.

and injuries stink. 

photo 1

(hint: no more of this for a while)

Especially when they come when you were running well, feeling good and planning to race your first marathon in 2 months. But they do come and they happen to the best of us.


It is official, I won’t be running for 6 weeks due to a stress reaction in my hip. The good news is it’s not a stress fracture. It is just 6 weeks of my life, one race, and luckily there are activities I can still do. I am also totally blessed to have a wonderful doctor who wants to help me get back to running as much as I want to run.

So enough about me, lets talk about the sun, our bones, and staying healthy. 

After talking with my doctor about this injury I found out some interesting things I had never known before about the cause of stress injuries (i.e stress reactions/stress fractures):

  • This doctor see’s more stress fractures (in the many runners he works with) in the winter than any other time. This is interesting because most runners are at their highest mileage during the summer. Why is this? Lack of vitamin D. 
  • 80-90% of vitamin D is obtained through sun exposure and usually this is enough, but what about those few months of the year where the sun is hiding?

  • Most probable cause for inadequate vitamin D is due to lack of sun exposure, deficiency is common in athletes especially during winter months.

  • Vitamin D is not found in many foods.

  • Supplementation is needed to maintain levels during the winter .

  • Low vitamin D related to frequent illness, stress fractures and musculoskeletal pain

All of this can be especially important for female endurance athletes who have a history of stress fractures and/or low bone density (I have both). 


What are we supposed to do to avoid this?  This is what the doctor ordered:

1. Vitamin D3- 4,000 IUs/day

Vitamin D has been shown to reduce inflammation, pain and illness. It promotes calcium absorption and is necessary for bone health.

2. Strontium- 250mg twice/day

Decreases bone loss and can help build bone. Used to treat osteoporosis.

3. Vitamin MK7- 90mg/day

Vitamin K that is available in dietary supplement. Shown to reduce bone fractures.

So that is the plan: no running for 6 weeks , start taking these supplements, make sure I am getting enough protein and not loosing weight and after getting  injury heals, evaluate bone status and stay on top of keeping them healthy. It is crucial to make sure your bones are healthy now so that problems do not arise later in life!

Lets talk:

Have you every dealt with a stress reaction/fracture? How did you get it and what did you do?

 Healthy Regards,