My Short & Sweet St. George 70.3 Race Recap

Well, it’s about time, right? Almost 7 weeks later, I am finally ready to share my 2017 St. George 70.3 experience. Buttttt to be honest, I really feel no need to share every detail of my race. The specifics of my race (though an amazing personal experience for me) would be a little boring for you. In short, it was a fantastic weekend. I was overwhelmingly grateful that I had finally made it to the start line of a triathlon healthy. After 4 years of not racing, I was very realistic and knew this race would serve more as a launch pad for what is to come then a battlefield to prove something. I honestly felt fantastic until I got to the run where I then struggled through 13.1 miles due to some stomach issues. Thanks to my fastest swim ever and a strong bike, I still ended up finishing 2nd in my age group and qualified for the 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga this fall.

2013 at St. George flashback

2017 awards 

After a long and indulgent mid-season break, I am back to full-force training with some big goals for the months ahead.  There are just 12 weeks to go until the 70.3 World Championships (it will be my 3rd try at this race!) and I plan to share my journey on the blog. I hope you will stick around!


Healthy Regards,





  1. Bonnie Lytlesays:

    I’m looking forward to more posts from Healthy Regards, Hayley!
    Good luck with training.

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