1.16 – 1.22 Training Recap + Confidence in the Daunting

Hey, hey, hey friends! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! We had a week with very little snow so I was a happy girl (and yes, I will always talk about the weather). This week also consisted of my biggest training day (and week) of this training cycle thus far.

On the schedule for Saturday was a masters swim practice followed directly by 4 hours on the bike with long race pace efforts. It had been a while since I had a 5+ hour training day so I was a little intimidated come Friday evening and Saturday morning. While the day ended up not being nearly as difficult as I expected, it did remind me of the purpose of these days beyond the physical training effects: confidence!

I think “back to the day” where I had training days that left me lying on my living room floor for a good 5 minutes, not just because the day was physically demanding but because I accomplished what had looked extremely daunting on paper. I walked away from every workout and long training day that pushed me a little further than I had previously been, either mentally or physically, with a little more tenacity. While the efforts may not get easier, the confidence to get started does.


 Rest day


a.m. Elliptical warm up 10 minutes, treadmill run 40 minutes, strength 50 minutes
p.m. Straight swim 20 minutes


a.m. Masters swim 1 hour 15 minutes
p.m. Ride with short 1 minute intervals 2 hours

a.m. Indoor cycling class 1 hour 20 minutes

p.m. strength 40 minutes, water running 30 minutes 


a.m. Masters swim 1 hour 5 minutes
p.m. Easy ride 1 hour 5 minutes 

Saturday: Masters swim 1 hour 10 minutes, Base ride 4 hours 5 minutes


a.m. Run 30 minutes, drills and strength 40 minutes 
p.m. Easy ride 2 hours



Swim – 3 hours 45 minutes
Bike – 10 hours 30 minutes
Run + run replacement – 1 hour 50 minutes
Strength – 2 hour 10 minutes
18 hours 15 minutes



Hoping you have a fantastic week!


Healthy Regards,




Mental Toughness and Training Recap 1.2 – 1.8

“A large part of getting back into shape is remembering how to hurt. Mental ‘toughness’ is a skill that fades and grows with training.”

I saw this quote on Linsey Corbin’s Instagram this past week. As I was grumbling and struggling to roll out of bed every morning a 4:30am, this was a good reminder that resilience, mental toughness, grit, whatever you want to call it, isn’t something that anyone has without working for it. Mental toughness is a  skill that is sharpened by relentlessly waking up one morning after another to pursue your goals. I kept this idea with me as I went about my week of training. 

At 18 weeks out from my first potential race, my focus for these next couple weeks is getting back into a consistent training schedule. My intention is to start adding some volume back in without pushing anything that could be a lingering injury. With a few days that I had to shuffle around due to snow and opting to ride inside all but one day this week,  I was able to get in every session. 

My biggest struggle this week was waking up! I’m an early riser by nature but anything in the 4 o’clock hour seems immensely more difficult than anything after 5 am. Reminding myself that this will (fingers crossed) get easier and not letting myself give into my reasons to stay in bed helped me this week. Besides that, training never felt too difficult and I never felt overly tired. I do have some lingering pain where I had my stress fracture in August which is why you won’t see any running in my training. Because I have done the “return to running” thing wrong so many times, I am leaning towards being overly cautious right now. I would rather take a few extra weeks off right now than continue to deal with pain or something worse later this year. 

Ok! Let’s get to that training, shall we?

Monday: Rest


  • a.m. Indoor cycling class 1 hour, strength 50 minutes;
  • p.m. Straight swim 20 minutes, aqua jog 30 minutes 


  • a.m. Masters swim 1 hour 15 minutes
  • p.m. Elliptical 1 hour


  • a.m. Indoor cycling class 1 hour 30 minutes 
  • p.m. Strength 1 hour


  • a.m. Masters swim 1 hour
  • p.m. Bike trainer spin 1 hour

Saturday: Masters swim 1 hour 10 minutes, Elliptical 1 hour, Strength 50 minutes

Sunday: Ride 3 hours 


  • Swim – 4 hours 15 minutes
  • Bike – 6 hours 3o minutes
  • Run replacement – 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Strength – 2 hours 40 minutes
  • 15 hours 25 minutes 

Happy Training!


Healthy Regards,


Weekly Training Recap 11.7 – 11.12

There are very few cardio exercises that I dislike. After seeing the doc last week and discovering that my stress fracture isn’t healing on the expected timeline, she suggested that I refrain from using the elliptical (which I don’t love but have learned to accept it with all my injuries over the years) because it is still weight-bearing.  NBD, I thought! I decided that on Tuesday morning I could simply replace the time spent on the elliptical by doing 30-40 minutes of rowing, ha! I got to 3 minutes and quickly realized that it would be a miracle if I made it to 10. I am not sure why I dislike it so much but I am certain that rowing is now right behind skate skiing on my short list of disliked aerobic exercise. Rowing a boat? I think I could like that. Rowing on an indoor rower for longer than 3 minutes? Count me out. oakleyLefthand Canyon, Boulder, CO.img_2812

Here is my (mostly enjoyed) training from this past week:


AM: Masters swim 1 hour 5 minutes 

PM: Easy bike 1 hour 5 minutes


AM: Strength 1 hour + a mix of rowing/elliptical 40 minutes 


AM: Bike 1 hour 50 minutes

PM: Swim 1 hour 5 minutes


AM: Bike 1 hour


AM: Strength + cardio circuit 1 hour (to be shared this coming week!)

PM: Swim 1 hour


Masters Swim Practice 1 hour 15 minutes followed by 3 hours on the bike with 3×20 minutes at Half Ironman effort 


2 hour 15 minute ride + 30 minutes strength 


Totals –

  • Swim: 4 hours 25 minutes 
  • Run replacement cardio: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Strength: 2 hours
  • Bike: 9 hours 10 minutes

16 hours 45 minutes

Trying to fit things in with a busy work schedule and less daylight after work was a challenge this week. I had to move some things around to make it work. I haven’t always been the most flexible when it comes to my training so this is a good/but not always easy practice for me. The longer efforts on my Saturday ride were hard! I did the efforts on a long climb so the recovery between each effort didn’t really feel like recovery. Just like any tough workout however, it felt good to get it done!

Healthy Regards,



Let’s chat!

Rowing, yay or nay?

How is the weather where you are? I am going to start to sound like a broken record but this fall in Colorado has been phenomenal.  I can’t get over how perfect it has been and I don’t want it to end. Also looking into places that have this weather year-round, is that a thing?




WIAW: A typical day of eats

The snow has arrived. IMG_0775

Yesterday I woke up to this. The major highway closed down and all schools were closed. I had to do my bike ride on the trainer but made it out later to swim. 

The family I live with spent the day building this fort/igloo. IMG_0778

Pretty cool, huh?


I am pretty much an eskimo these days (except for that fact that I was dragged out to take this picture while typing up this post, hence the bare feet). 

But anyways, let’s talk about food.

If I were to do a WIAW post every week, it would look very similar. Monday-Friday I pretty much eat the same thing every day. With busy days it is easy to keep things similar and consistency+habits make me happy. 

Here is snap shot into my eats from yesterday. 


WIAW breakfast

Honestly, my daily breakfast is not at all pretty or exciting. I eat plain oats and a banana almost every single morning. If I have a workout right away I don’t like to get creative with my oats. When I eat oats at another time of day I will get more creative, but typically they are pretty plain jane. 

Snack: IMG_0728

Smoothie brain usually starts sometime during my first workout. I love coming home and getting busy with my Vitamix. This smoothie was a combination of almond milk, frozen banana, frozen mango, ginger, spinach, turmeric and cinnamon. 


WIAW lunch

The lunch I ALWAYS fall back on. Peanut butter sandwich and an apple/orange or carrots and celery. 

People, I have tried to switch things up and honestly this is just my favorite lunch. I think I look forward to lunch more than any other meal. I don’t even like to go out to eat lunch because there is something about the consistency of a pb sandwich and fruit or carrots that makes my day complete. 

Snack:WIAW snack

Post-second workout/mid afternoon snack really depends on how hungry and what my workouts consisted of that day. If it is a bigger training day this snack could resemble another meal, if it is a lighter training day I will often just have some fruit. 

After a swim yesterday I snacked on an apple and my festive pumpkin pie clif bar, that tastes like candy, while running some errands. 


During the week my dinners are typically a big bowl of everything. Since I am just feeding myself and usually don’t have a ton of time to cook dinner at night. Monday-Friday dinners look like this.  IMG_0724

I do usually do some prep work earlier in the week and cook in big batches so I have greens, veggies, a grain of some sort and protein ready to fill my bowl come dinner time. Here we have spinach, bell pepper, quinoa, black beans, avocado, hummus and sprouts topped with Sriracha and nutritional yeast. 


Like my mid-afternoon snack, an after dinner snack really depends on what time I eat dinner and what my training load was that day. Some days I finish dinner and am still pretty hungry before bed and sometimes I am not! Yesterday I sipped on some tea and was good with that! 

And that is a wrap on my meals and snacks from a typical weekday.

Healthy Regards,



Do you tend to eat the same things or is every day a bit different?