Weekly Training Recap 10/31 – 11/6

I am excited to be posting a weekly training recap again! Like I mentioned last week, I am currently dealing with a tibial stress fracture and haven’t been able to run for 11 weeks. I am feeling 75% better but practicing patience and waiting until I am 100% to run again. I am SO thankful that I am able to swim and bike in the meantime. 

Here is my training from this past week:


AM: Masters swim 1 hour 15 minutes 

PM: Easy bike 1 hour 5 minutes


AM: Elliptical 1 hour + 45 minutes strength


AM: Masters swim 1 hour 15 minutes

PM: Bike with 2 x 10 – 30 seconds fast/30 easy (by feel) 1 hour 45 minutes total


AM: Elliptical 1 hour + 40 minutes strength

PM: Straight swim 20 minutes


AM: Masters swim 1 hour

PM: Easy bike 1 hour 10 minutes


Long bike 4 hours, 72 miles (longest ride since February!) + core 15 minutes 


Rest (: 

Totals –

  • Swim: 3 hours 50 minutes 
  • Elliptical: 2 hours
  • Strength: 1 hour 40 minutes 
  • Bike: 8 hours

15 hours 30 minutes total training 

I was very happy with my training this week. I did have a bit of a scare with my injury situation. In the end it was all good and left me feeling thankful for what I am able to do, even if it isn’t what I would be doing in a perfect non-injured world. I am a little anxious to see how this next week of training goes. The time change will make it difficult to get on my bike during the week as those rides happen after work and I won’t ride in the dark. ALSO this coming week last year looked like this: 


Can it already be that time of year?! 


Healthy Regards,





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Training Recap 12/7 – 12/13 + that hip thing

First things first, how in the world is it the middle of December already?! Time is a flyin’. 

Flying so quickly that I have missed my training recaps for the past couple weeks. 

Buuuut there is another reason for that too…

My hip. It starting bothering me again a little over a month ago and unfortunately has kept me from running for about that long too. I am really considering renaming this blog “Hayley’s Hip Issues”. Ok, not really but it has been a reoccurring theme for the past 2 years now of my life. I wish I could be positive about it but it is SO frustrating. The two times I have really felt like I was recovered and getting in the swing of running again, my hips start hurting. It is not even pain that I can tolerate and run through, it is a sharp pain that in the past two years has stuck around for months. So yeah, I am worried and upset and super duper frustrated. 

I want to be able to run for the rest of my life because I simply love running. When it comes to running it is not even about competing or going fast. It is just something I see myself doing for the rest of my life so It kills me to not be able to. It worries me to know that the last time I felt this sorta pain, I didn’t run for over 6 months. It hurts that this huge part of my life is extremely inconsistent. 

So that’s where I am at right now with running. Believe me, I am very grateful that I can still swim, bike and even walk but… I wish I could run. 

On a happier note, I still had a pretty great week of swimming and biking so let’s get to that: 

Monday: Swim 90 minutes, Base ride 2 hours, hip exercises 15 minutes

Tuesday: Bike efforts 90 minutes, Swim 20 minutes, Strength 1 hour

Wednesday: Bike efforts 90 minutes, Swim 1 hour 15 minutes, hip exercises 15 minutes

Thursday: Easy spin 30 minutes (was supposed to do longer but the indoor trainer was not cooperating), Swim 1 hour

Friday: Bike with efforts 3 hours, Strength 1 hour

Saturday: Swim 1 hour 20 minutes, Bike 90 minutes, hip exercises 15 minutes

Sunday: Elliptical/Stair master 1 hour, hip + core 20 minutes 


  • Swim: 5 hours 25 minutes
  • Bike: 10 hours
  • Run: zero but 1 hour of elliptical/stair master
  • Strength: 3 hours 5 minutes

19 hours and 30 minutes total 

That’s all I have for you guys today! 

Healthy Regards,





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Training Summary 4.13 – 4.19 + a note to the injured (find your inner honey badger)

This week I had a conversation with a good friend who I ran with at Pepperdine about an injury she is dealing with. After my injury filled heartbreaking 2014 I wanted to give her the best advice I could. It made me think back to those long 12 or so months and consider what would I have done differently.

If I could go back in time I would have:

  • Committed the same amount of energy I previously used swimming, biking and running to getting better. 
  • Found some way to make going to a sports psychologist work. I started seeing one in the summer but eventually stopped going because of the expense. Ultimately the mental side of the injury was the hardest part and I wish I would have worked through that more. 
  • Seen multiple physical therapists until I found one that was just as committed as I was to getting me back to my sport. 

For some reason I felt like I should do my best to distract myself from running and sport during my injury. Not at first… but after 6 months I convinced myself I needed a break from it all. What I didn’t realize is that sport is what makes me deeply happy. All the “distractions” were actually counterproductive and could never provide me with the same feeling of satisfaction as sport. 

Injuries, especially prolonged ones, can seem like the end. It is easy to say “maybe this is a sign that I am not supposed to be doing this” but just like life, our bodies go through ups and downs especially when you are pushing their limits almost daily. The resilient always come out on top. 

So my best advice to the injured: stay focused on the long-term goal even if it seems impossible right now. Do everything in your power to get better, just as you would do everything in your power to be the best in your sport.  


Find your inner honey badger.  




 On to my training recap from this past week… 

Monday: 1 hour 10 minute easy spin. Mondays and Thursdays are usually my days for some much-needed recovery.

Tuesday: AM– 3 hour mountain bike ride. PM– 35 minute run + core. 

Wednesday: 2 hour 10 minute bike with intervals + 45 minutes strength 

Thursday: AM– 1 hour easy spin PM35 minute run + core 

Friday: 1 hour 30 minute ride 

Saturday: Pre-race ride 1 hour 30 minutes

Sunday: Race day! This weekend was a circuit race. A 4 mile out and back course. I did two races, the 3/4 and the 1/2/3 race.

My first race (3/4) was 5 circuits for 20 miles.  It was fairly uneventful. I ended up 6th after getting boxed in and not being able to go for the final sprint with the top girls. 

The second race (1/2/3) was 6 circuits for 24 miles. My job was to help out our 1/2 team so I had the task of chasing any of the breaks in the first half of the race. The hope in this tactic is to get with the break but not take pulls instead acting like an anchor to bring the break back to the pack. I was successful at my job which meant I was exhausted by the end. I finished with the pack and got lots of thanks from the team for a job well done. 

With my warm up Sunday ended up being about 3 hours of riding. I headed to the gym in the afternoon for a solid hour of strength. 


16 hours of riding, 1 hour of running and 2 hours of strength. 

That is a wrap for today. Happy Monday, honey badgers!


Healthy Regards,


What is your best advice for someone dealing with an injury?

How was your week of training?





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Seven To-Do’s For The Injured Endurance Athlete

Wednesday was crazy. When you go from an endurance athlete training schedule to complete rest there are a few stages you go through. 

They go something like this: 

Stage one: I HATE resting, what do I even do with myself?

Stage two: Wow, I am exhausted and could sleep for days. 

Stage three: WOW, this doing nothing thing has its perks I could totally sleep in a few more days, those mid day naps are awesome, and I still plan on going to bed at 8pm every night. 

Stage four: OMG I have so much energy, I could take on the world! Lets tackle that to-do list, I should catch up with that person, hmm maybe I should clean the house. I totally forgot what its like to feel rested! 

Wednesday I woke up in stage four. Finally fully rested and feeling like I had so much time without any training on the schedule I decided to catch up on many things that fall by the wayside while training.  Injured Endurance Athlete

1. Catch up with family. Oh ya those people who support your wildest athletic dreams? Amidst training you are just much to busy, tired and crazy for that phone call, family dinner, Christmas day…. 

2. See friends that don’t accompany you to swim, bike or run. You don’t even have to try to explain why you rode your bike for 5 hours earlier that day. 

3. Tackle any home projects (if injury allows) that you have been putting off. I know the feeling, you train, you work, you take care of the few other life things you can manage; at this point you are just trying to keep your home clean and in working condition. You will finally have time and energy to add a little life to your humble abode. 

4. Take some time to actually get ready for social outings, work etc. It will be shocking for many, some may not even recognize you but it’s good to show them that your hair does actually dry, you know how to put on a little makeup and maybe just maybe you have something in your closet that does not include spandex. 

5. Respond to emails, phone calls and texts. I am not judging you…. but I’ve been there. 

6. Make plans that may run later than 7pm. With all this new-found energy you won’t need to go to bed at 8. Plus you may discover a whole new world out there and trick people into thinking your “cool”. 

7. Do those other things on your running to-do list that you just have not had the time or energy to do. For me that has been focusing on where I am trying to grow and develop outside of training i.e. applying to grad school, working on what I wanna do with Healthy Regards Hayley, reaching out for freelance opportunities and putting more energy into the work I already have. 

Injuries can be tough. I am a true believer however that everything (especially the hard things) happen for a reason. Instead of moping take all this extra time and energy to do things that just don’t seem to happen while in training mode. 

Healthy Regards,


Which of these can you relate to?

What else do you have to add to the list? 


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