Training Recap + what I am training for

I have been posting training recaps since the beginning of this blog so it has sorta just become habit. Each week I post what my training looked like that past week. What I haven’t done in a long time though is talk about racing. While I have a few cycling, running and triathlon races in my mind as ones I would like to do this year, I don’t have anything set in stone. 

If you have been reading this blog for sometime now you know that I have dealt with injury after injury after injury after injury since January 2014. As pessimistic as that may seem, I have literally been dealing with an injury for about 20 months of the past 24. Last year my goal was to just get to the start line of a triathlon after a year away. Well, I didn’t race one triathlon last year. Luckily, I found and fell in love with bike racing. I still longed for running but my body was not ready.  I truly enjoyed cycling but missed the variety that came with swim, bike, run. So again, this year I am determined to get to the start line of a triathlon. But I am also at peace about it all. I feel really good about my everyday training and know that staying the course is going to benefit me whether I race this year or not. 

My goal first triathlon however is St. George 70.3 (half ironman) on May 7th. If on March 7th (2 months out) I am healthy, pain-free and my training is progressing as it should be, I will sign up.IMG_1593

Some other races I am thinking about are: 

  • San Dimas Stage Race, April 1-3 – I actually wouldn’t consider this race but I signed up and got sick before it last year so I have a free entry for this year. It is also close enough to my parents house that I could stay with them/make it a visit home. But if fo r some reason I couldn’t get the time off from work, I wouldn’t be too upset about it. ‘
  • A handful of local cycling races. I got very burnt out from cycling races last year. There is one pretty much every weekend in California from January-August so while I definitely want to do a few races this year, I will be more selective. 
  • BolderBoulder, May 30 – A fun 10k I have wanted to do for a while. If I run consistently until then it should also be a good way to see what I can do again. 
  • Boulder Peak Triathlon, July 10 – A local olympic distance triathlon. 
  • Tempe (October 16th) OR Austin 70.3 (October 30th) – If I do St. George, I can honestly say I will go into it simply wanting to see what I can do. It will be almost 3 years since my last triathlon so I can’t have too many expectations. I will also be so overwhelming grateful to just be there that I plan on soaking in every second of that. After St. George I will be able to make some solid season goals and plans for one of these late season goal races. I would hope to have a solid 4 months of training (and 10 months injury free) and be in good shape for an October race. 

That is about it! I plan on getting back to racing this year but it is not what this year will be about. I would rather train well and consistently, stay healthy and have a handful of great race experiences

So now to that training… 

IMG_1586 IMG_1480IMG_1578

Monday: Swim 1 hour 20 minutes, Ride with intervals 2 hours 15 minutes 

Tuesday: Run 30 minutes, Swim 25 minutes, Water running 25 minutes, Strength 1 hour

Wednesday: Bike efforts 1 hour 30 minutes, Swim 1 hour 30 minutes

Thursday: Easy trainer spin 1 hour, Run 30 minutes, hip + core 30 minutes 

Friday: Bike 1 hour 30 minutes, Swim 1 hour 15 minutes

Saturday: Bike 3 hours 30 minutes 

Sunday: Run 30 minutes, hip + core 20 minutes 


  • Swim: 4 hours 10 minutes
  • Bike: 9 hours 45 minutes
  • Run: 1 hour 50 minutes 
  • Strength: 2 hours

17 hours and 40 minutes total 


And that’s a wrap! 


Healthy Regards, 



Do you have any races on your calendar? How is your training going?

Do you find it hard to keep training when you don’t have something on the calendar or your racing schedule is unknown? 




Training (and racing) Summary 4.20 – 4.26

Yes it is Tuesday night and I am just posting my recap from last week. Go with it…

Monday: 1 hour easy spin. 30 minute easy run. 

Tuesday: 3 hour 45 minute ride. 

Wednesday: 3 hour time trial efforts. 

Thursday: AM- 30 minute easy run PM- 1 hour easy spin

Friday: 1 hour 30 minute ride with drills 

Saturday: Pre-race ride 1 hour 45 minutes

Sunday: Race day! 

I headed up to Visalia this weekend for some Sunday crit racing at the Sequoia Cycling Classic. My first race was the 3/4 race. With an easier week of training I felt more rested and ready to race than I have in a while. 


(I’m in red a few riders from the right of the photo)

My plan was to sit a few wheels back, let others work and save myself for the sprint. This is usually the opposite of what I do. I like to be in front. I think this comes from running. I am my most confident competitor when the field is behind me. Well after a few slow laps my plan quickly changed. I decided to do what feels good and headed to the front of the pack to push the pace. 

Being in the front allows me to feel like I am controlling the race. For the majority of the 40 minutes that is where I stayed.

On the last lap a rider who had been sitting back made a strong effort. Being in the front made it easy to jump on her wheel (another reason I like staying up there). I stayed on her a we got a bit of a break on he field. Going into the second to last corner I however my bike slid out from underneath me. I went right into the curb and toppled over (luckily it was into the sidewalk and not other racers!). As I was getting up I watched the whole field pass me. 

After leading the whole race and feeling strong going into that last lap I knew the win was within reach. Crashing with a minute left is not something you plan for and it took quite a bit of self-control to not kick and scream. Instead I kept my composure, headed to my car and got some positive encouragement from my coach, parents and mentor. 

Although the last minute of the race was upsetting, there were 39 really great minutes. I can’t judge my whole performance based on 2.5 percent. Yes a win or podium would have been great but there was other good that came from the race. I am not confident in my abilities to lead a 3/4 race and finish strong. Next time, no crashing. 

My second race was the Pro1/2/3 race. It was the same loop as my earlier race but this time for 60 minutes. I was tired and am still getting into my groove in these higher level races so for me it was fairly uneventful. I’ll save ya some reading and leave it at that. 


That’s all I have for you today! Happy almost hump day!



Healthy Regards,





Training Summary 3.9 – 3.22

I have two weeks of training recaps to catch up on for y’all!

3.9 – 3.15

Monday: Base ride 1 hour 40 minutes.

Tuesday: Race openers 1 hour 30 minutes bike. 

Wednesday: Easy ride 1 hour.

Thursday: Pre-race ride 1 hour.

Friday: TT race! + warmup and cool down

Saturday: Road Race + warmup and cool down

Sunday: Circuit Race + warmup and cool down

3.16 – 3.22 

Monday: Day off! My first day off in 3 weeks, it was much needed after a long weekend. 

Tuesday: Base ride 2 hours. 

Wednesday: Easy ride 1 hour. I had hill repeats and a longer ride on the schedule for today but was still feeling pretty exhausted and a bit under the weather so opted for an easier ride. 

Thursday: Easy ride 1 hour. Took another easy day just to make sure I wasn’t fighting anything. 

Friday: Pre-race ride 1 hour. 

Saturday: Chuck Pontius Road Race. A hilly 27 mile course, I got 2nd! 

Sunday: Chuck Pontius Criterium. 1st out of CAT4 women and 4th in the 3/4’s. 


The past two weeks have been all about getting me to the weekend races rested and healthy. Which means not much else during the week. I have one more week like this with a big stage race this Friday – Sunday. 

I love racing but I also love hours on the bike so I will be excited to start to build my volume again. For now though all my focus is on San Dimas Stage Race! 

Happy Monday!


Healthy Regards,



How was your weekend? Any fun training or racing?

What is next on your racing calendar?




Day #3 of the Tucson Bicycle Classic

I am so happy you are all enjoying these recaps of my race this past weekend at The Tucson Bicycle Classic! 

So lets just get straight into the third day. 

(If you missed the first two, check them out here: one, two

Day 3, Circuit Race: 

After sitting in the leaders position all weekend I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous going into Sunday. The second place girl was only 5 seconds behind me, and the third place girl was only 10 seconds away. 

The podium could easily be mixed up on this last day. 

The circuit race consisted of a 5 mile loop that we completed 5 times for a total of 25 miles. It was hilly and windy. 

In this race there were also some time bonuses up for grabs. 

What the heck does that mean?!

  • The third lap was a “sprint lap”. This means that whoever crosses the finish line after this lap in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gets a “time bonus” (time taken away from their overall time) of 3 seconds, 2 seconds and 1 second. 
  • There is also time bonuses for the finish. 1st, 2nd and 3rd get time bonuses of 10 seconds, 6 seconds and 4 seconds. 

With the time bonuses the chase for those final podium spots was on.  

After hearing about the circuit race course from racers who had done it previously  and knowing my competitors I figured the race would come down to a  field sprint (everyone stays in a pack until the end and then sprints to the finish). With a difficult course and lots of wind it would be hard for anyone to attack and stay away.

That being said my natural instinct is to push the pace of the peloton by riding in front, go with attacks in fear of them getting away or initiate attacks myself. For a one day race these may all be fine but sitting in first place on the last day of a race I knew I needed to play it smart and do none of the above. 

My plan was simply to do as little work as possible. Let attacks go and trust that they would come back (this was the hardest!). And for both the sprint lap and the finish make sure I was in the top 3. 

I am so happy to say I trusted myself on this one and raced the smartest bike race of my life (haha ok I have only been at this for 2 months but it was the smartest race in those 2 months)!

  • I stayed mid-pack and let others work in the front. This allowed me to stay out of the wind and pretty much soft pedal for most of the race as everyone in front or around me was working harder than I was. 
  • I let attacks go! Like I mentioned above this was really hard for me. Partly ego I am sure. But just as I had figured, the peloton caught up to any attacks within a few minutes. 
  • I started to move up going into the sprint lap and the finish. 
  • I let someone pull me into the finish until the last possible moment and then sprinted for the time bonuses.

I ended up getting 2nd in the sprint lap and 2nd at the finish. Which was just good enough to finish the weekend in yellow and at the top of the podium. 11053151_10155338165760154_2159607870938579317_n-110995566_817133541667106_5552021956566586350_n

I got to keep the yellow jersey I had worn all weekend and I was given another one for the overall win! The extra one made a perfect souvenir for my Mom. I even won some money! Always a nice bonus, right?

Overall the weekend was a huge success. Not only did I accomplish my goal but I learned a whole lot about bike racing in the process. I am having so much fun in this new sport and have some big goals are a brewin’.

Stay tuned (:


Healthy Regards,